Seoul Singers Spring 2007
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17 MAY 2007 @ YISS
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1) Traditional/Classical pieces:
3) Folk, gospel pieces:
Mon Coeur  17MAY07   @ YISS
Soon Ah Will Be Done   15MAY   @ IMC
Alleluia   17MAY07   @ YISS
Water Come A Me Eye  15MAY07   @ IMC
Swing Low, Swing Chariot  15MAY07   @ IMC
America the Beautiful  15MAY07   @ IMC
San Sereni  17MAY07   @ YISS
Ave Verum   17MAY07   @ YISS
Glory to God  17MAY07   @ YISS
Jesu Bleibe Meine Freude   15MAY  @ IMC
Arirang - rehearsal  17MAY   @ YISS
Thou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets..., 17MAY  @ YISS
2) The 10 pieces comprising "Noah and His Floating Zoo"
Capt Noah 1 - rehearsal   1MAY07   7.3MB   4:29
Capt Noah 2 - rehearsal  1MAY07   4.8MB   2:59
Capt Noah 3 - rehearsal  1MAY07   7.5MB   4:37
Capt Noah 4 - rehearsal  8MAY07   4.6MB   2:48
Capt Noah 5 - rehearsal  3APR07   3.6MB   2:34
Capt Noah 6 - rehearsal  17APR07   4.4MB   2:44
Capt Noah 7 - rehearsal  17APR07   3.4MB   2:06
Capt Noah 8 - rehearsal  24APR07   7.1MB   4:22
Capt Noah 10 - rehearsal  24APR07   7.3MB   4:31
Capt Noah 9 - rehearsal  24APR07   6.3MB   3:52
Summer Time  17MAY  @ YISS
DIRECTIONS:   Map to Itaewon Methodist Church
and YS INTL School.

  • Dress for Sat/Sun May 19&20 performances (Full Program) -
  • Black (or as dark as possible) skirt or slacks and
  • white (or as close to white as possible) blouse or dress shirt (no
    tie) for first part, and colorful blouse or shirt for second part.  
  • Black shoes (or as dark as possible).  
  • No jewelry or perfume, and please go easy on deoderant.