Seoul Singers Spring 2007
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27 FEB 2007
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1) Traditional/Classical pieces:
3) Folk, gospel pieces:
Capt Noah 1,  21MAY06   
6.3MB   3:52
Capt Noah 2,  21MAY06   
4.3MB   2:40
Capt Noah 3,  21MAY06   
6.4MB   3:56
Capt Noah 4,  21MAY06   
4.3MB   2:37
Capt Noah 5,  21MAY06   
3.9MB   2:22
Capt Noah 6,  21MAY06   
3.5MB   2:09
Capt Noah 7,  21MAY06   
3.3MB   2:00
Capt Noah 8,  21MAY06   
5.8MB   3:36
Capt Noah 9,  21MAY06   
4.2MB   2:34
Capt Noah 10,  21MAY06   
5.6MB   3:28

2) The 10 pieces comprising "Noah and His Floating Zoo"
    (about 25 minutes; we did this last year)
Seoul Singers May 2007 Concert Repertoire

1) Traditional/Classical pieces:
    a) di Lassus - Mon Coeur (madrigal)
    b) Purcell – Thou Knowest Lord
    c) Bach - Jesu Meine Freude (w/piano and wind instrument)
    d) Rachmaninoff - Glory to God (w/piano)
    e) Mozart - Ave Verum
    f) R. Thompson – Alleluia

3) Folk, gospel pieces:

    Barbershop Quartet sings "Java Jive" and “Coney Island

    a)  America The Beautiful (w/piano+brass/wind instrument)
    b)  San Sereni - Puerto Rican children’s folk song
    c)  Summertime” - from Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess
    d)  Water Come-a Me Eye - Jamaican folk song
    e)  Swing Low Sweet Chariot (with soloists)
    f)  Shenandoah - J. Erb (American folk song)
    g)  Arirang
    h)  Korean traditional piece
    i)   Soon-ah Will Be Done - American spiritual
Summer Time  by  Okinawa I C   
3.3MB   2:20
Alleluia  by  Okinawa INTL Chorus   
6.8MB   4:54
Shenandoah  by  Okinawa I C   
8.1MB   3:31
Java Jive  by  Okinawa INTL Barbershop Q'rtet   
6.2MB   2:41
Water Come-a Me Eye  by  Okinawa I C   
6.8MB   2:56
Mon Coeur ENDING  27FEB07  
 1.3MB   :55
United States Geography in the Early Republic

Shanandoah River
Runs to the northeast, between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Alleghenies.
Compton Rapid at HighWater
Shanandoah Fall Color
O Shenandoah from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Capt Noah 1 - rehearsal   27FEB07
  6.7MB   4:48
Capt Noah 2 - rehearsal  27FEB07
  4.5MB   3:13
Capt Noah 3 - rehearsal  27FEB07  
 7.2MB   5:12
Capt Noah 4 - rehearsal  27FEB07
  5.8MB   4:13
Soon-ah Will Be Done, pp4-7   
13FEB07A   2.1MB   1:29
Soon-ah Will Be Done, pg6-end   
13FEB07B   3.2MB   2:17
Alleluia, take2   13FEB07   
7.6MB   5:30
Alleluia, pp 5-8   27FEB07   
2.5MB   1:47
Shenandoah   13FEB07   
2.9MB   2:05
Capt Noah 5 - rehearsal  20FEB07  
 3.7MB   3:09
Capt Noah 6 - rehearsal  20FEB07  
 3.8MB   3:16
Capt Noah 7 - rehearsal  20FEB07   
2.5MB   2:08
Capt Noah 8, pp40-43 - reh'rsal  13FEB07
  4.2MB   3:01
Water Come A Me Eye  6FEB07   
1.4MB   1:00
Swing Low, Swing Chariot  6FEB07   
1.9MB   1:24
America the Beautiful  30JAN07  
 3.2MB   2:44
San Sereni  30JAN07   
2.4MB   2:02
Summer Time  30JAN07   
2.7MB   2:20
Ave Verum 27FEB07   
4.MB   3:18
Capt Noah 10 - rehearsal  20FEB07   
5.3MB   3:50
Thou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets...  20FEB07   
2.2MB   1:33
Glory to God, pp3-4  20FEB07
  8.1MB   5:49
Capt Noah 9 - rehearsal  20FEB07   
7.7MB   6:41
Ave verum corpus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Choral Music Notes - W.A. Mozart Ave Verum Corpus, K.618