Seoul Singers Xmas 2006

... although we are getting better each rehearsal, we are not quite there yet on several pieces.  Therefore, in order to ensure
we have the best possible concert:

1) your attendance at the remaining three rehearsals is critical.  Please don't miss unless you absolutetly can't avoid it.  
2) we all need to review our music and practice the parts/memorize the words to the pieces we are least comfortable with
3) please go online and listen to the rehearsal to see where we need further improvement

The "dress" rehearsals (but you don't have to dress up) will be:

  • Thurs 12/7 at the US Ambassador's residence from 7-8:30.  An Embassy bus (free) will be provided to take non-US Embassy ID card-holders to the
    residence from Yongsan Army Garrison.  We will pick people up at USEA Bldg. Parking Lot.  Embassy ID card holders, please plan to carpool to
    Ambassador Vershbow's residence and park in the Kyongi Girl's school parking lot.

The concerts are:   

    1) Friday eve 12/8 at the US Ambassador's Residence (bus from Yongsan Base will again be provided)
    2) Saturday eve 12/9 at Young Nak church (again, need to find own transport)

    The exact starting times are not yet fixed, but perhaps beginning at 7 or 7:30 pm, with "call" an hour or so early.

    3) Sunday, 3pm, 12/17.  We will also (those of us who can make it) be singing for a church service at Young Nak Church on Sun, Dec.17, 3pm.  
    This will be the shortest of the three programs on our schedule.

For planning purposes, I would like to know as soon as possible which of  the above dates you will not be able to attend, if any.  Please let me know
ASAP if you cannot join us for 1 or more of these three singing opportunities.

Don't forget - words, words, words.  Practice over the weekend and/or in the evenings or at other times this week if at all possible.  

Regards, George