Seoul Singers Xmas 2006

Hello Seoul Singers All.  Some notes follow below:

Two more rehearsals to go.  Sounding pretty good, but as you know, we're not yet all the way there.  I sincerely hope each of you takes some
time over the weekend to review what you know least and make it better for Tuesday and Thursday's rehearsals.  The website
that John Paik has been updating is really REALLY useful; please PLEASE go to it sometime over this weekend and listen with your music open
to practice!

  • Friday, December 8 concert, US Ambassador's residence:  The 29-seat bus will leave from USEA Bldg's parking lot at 5:30 SHARP!  This
    means that our singers without US Embassy ID's need to be on that bus and ready to go at that time.  The bus will not wait for latecomers,
    and if you try to go to the residence on your own, it will be very difficult for you to get in.  I know it may be tough for a few who work, but
    please don't be late; come a few minutes early if you can, and maybe try to get a cup of coffee or some hot choco from Starbucks to drink
    on the way over...
  • (If anyone has a specific problem with the bus call time, please let me know and let's see if we can work something out....)

  • We are scheduled to start to sing Friday eve at 6:30.  We will be offered food afterwards ("singing for our supper").  

  • Embassy ID-holders please plan to drive to the residence so that you arrive there by 6.  If you like, you can follow the bus.  Car-
    pooling might be a good idea.  You know who you are....

  • Saturday, December 9 concert at Young Nak:  Call is at 6:45, but I would like to see you there earlier if possible.  We will be in the warm-
    up room in the adjacent building (SVC Hall, 5th floor, Room 504) as pointed out at the end of last rehearsal.  Please see John Paik if you
    are unsure about that.  Unfortunately, we cannot get into the church (nor can our audience)

  • We had 8 singers who I think will be singing the concerts with us miss our Young Nak Church rehearsal on Tuesday.  It will be a bit
    difficult to integrate them into our stage placement, especially because we don't expect we can get access to the stage again before the
    time we actually go on-stage for the performance, so I have to ask those of you who were at the rehearsal to just do your best to make
    accommodation at that time so we can all fit.  It may take a minute or two to get adjusted, especially as we are singing "Picardy" when
    we go onstage, so I think it best to just do your best until the song ends, and then while I welcome the audience you can work it out to
    all be in places where you can see me.

Black folders for your music, please.  I have a few extras I can loan if someone needs one; let me know.

Many of you did not have your music arranged in the Young Nak concert order for Tuesday night's rehearsal.  Please get all your music in that
order for this coming Tuesday evening rehearsal.  It will speed things up.

The more you know the music without having to refer to the written notes and words, the better you can communicate/share the
"Christmas/Holiday Spirit" with those who will come to listen to us.  Please do your best to sing as much as you can either without the music, or
by glancing at it and looking up as much as you can while you sing.

  • Sunday, December 17:  Don't forget our "return engagement" singing on Sunday afternoon for the Young Nak Church service which
    begins at 3 pm.  Hope you can make it!  I would like to see you all there at 2:45 so we can get seated together in the back.  We will go up
    onstage when it is our time to sing.  We are considering going out together for a meal afterwards for those who might be interested.   If you
    know of an appropriate place nearby that can take a big group and is not too expensive, please let us know.

Spring Concerts - Great News!  We received word from the newly-opened (in Sept) Yongsan International School's principal that we are invited
to sing a spring concert in their auditorium on Sunday May 20.  We are looking one other venue to perform our Spring concert repertoire -
either Friday May 18 or Sat May 19.  Michiko and John Paik and I have some ideas already, but if you know of a place you want to suggest and
have a contact there, please let one of us know.  I am thinking we will start rehearsals for the May concerts on January 16, so please plan
accordingly.  For planning purposes, I would appreciate knowing if you are not planning to return for these concerts (but hope to see you all on
the 16th).     

Final Note - You guys are great, I really enjoy working with you on this music.  I know we will do well.  Thanks for your efforts up to now.  
Let's focus and have fun with these concerts, giving our audiences a taste of the holiday spirit to propel them into Christmas and the New Year!

Your faithful director, George