from the DIR
                       CONCERT WHERE/WHEN:   
  • on-base concert at South Post Chapel at 6:45 pm on Sat, May 20,
  • off-base concert at DS Hall at 6:30 pm on Sun, May 21.  
About Seoul Singers SPRING 2006
My name is George Novinger.  I have been living and working in Seoul for the past one and one half years as
the Supervisory General Services Officer (my diplomatic title is First Secretary).  I have recently formed the
Seoul Singers to create a place where people from Korea, the United States and other countries with an interest
in choral music can get together to sing and get to know each other.  I find music is a great door opener for
people from different cultures to share something of beauty and deepen mutual understanding.

I hold a Master’s degree in Music (choral emphasis) from Occidental College in California (CA), and have been
a musical director for the past 30 years for various high schools, churches and community choirs, including
groups in Los Angeles CA and Washington DC,  as well as “international” choirs in Paraguay, Brunei, Tokyo,
and Okinawa Japan, countries to which I have been posted with the US Foreign Service (State Dept).

We currently number approximately 40 singers from 10 countries. We rehearse once weekly on Tues evenings
from 7-9 pm.  My wife Michiko helps to manage the
Seoul Singers, and my 15-year-old daughter Saya sings
Soprano in the group.  

We plan to perform a variety of music in several languages, including classical, contemporary, and folk music
from America, Korea, and other countries.  Included are numbers by Bach, Mozart, gospel music, and a very
interesting musical setting entitled “Captain Noah and His Floating Ark”.  Some songs will be a cappella, while
others will be sung with piano, flute and other instruments.  Several members of the choir will be featured as

Your comment/suggestion/approval/approbation regarding the above is welcome...
Director: George T. Novinger                                                                                                                       Accompanist: Soh Eun Sung
                                                     Assistant:  Michiko Novinger          Assistant:  Dave Wester        

Soprano                                               Tenor                                        Bass                                           Alto
Cox, Kathy                                    Chung, Wonil                          Bradford, Darryl                       Anderson, Robin
Crutzen, Magali                              Fields, Avery                          Hwang, Cheol-ho                      Baisden, Pamela Pugh
Park, Michelle                                Kincaid, Alan                         Phillips, Stan                              Bartholomew, Megan
Novinger, Saya                               Laframboise, JP                     Paik, John                                 Bednar, Josephine
Ota, Tomoko                                 Wohlford, Shannon                 Reynolds, Robert                      Boyd, Patricia
Rosser, Carmen                                                                           Scott, John                                Chung, Hae Jeon        
Tobin, Son Hwa                                                                                                                            Clark, Laurie
                                                                                                                                                 Johnson, Saehan
                                                                                                                                                 Kim, Ran Kyung
                                                                                                                                                 Lavender, Brenda
                                                                                                                                                 Phillips, Susan  
                                                                                                                                                 Wester, Vanessa